Meet our horses

Our horses

Our horses are the real stars of our show! We are very lucky at Bidlake Riding Stables to have such wonderful characters, calm, good natured, experienced and hugely loved by us all.

We take great care to make sure our guests are partnered with the horse that is best suited to their riding experience and we have a great team to choose from.

We really hope you have fun getting to know our horses but remember – it is very important that we match the rider to the horse. With children especially, please ensure they understand in advance that they will not be able to choose the horse they ride.


Pebbles may be small but he’s an energetic, happy, bouncy chap full of life!

Jo Jo

Our Welsh cross is a great character and often the leader on our trips out. Jo Jo gets on well with everyone.


Benji is a wise old horse, he may not be the fastest, but he’s very friendly.


A huge hit with everyone, Polo is a popular boy and makes friends easily.


Woody is a gentle soul even though he’s the biggest of the team.


Grace may occasionally think she knows best but she will always look after you and she takes the unexpected in her stride.


Bob may be one of our youngsters but he’s a sensible and steady chap.


Tank is a cheeky character, very popular with a lot of our younger riders.


A small horse but the biggest heart. Our little Bidlake Star pony!


A fabulous character with a genuine love of carrots! Best friends with Toby.


Best friends with Bo, Toby has lovely manners and is a very safe confidence inspiring horse.


Smartie is another Welsh, who was born on the moors. She’s very enthusiastic, a sweet little mare.


Nicknamed the ‘Wooly Mammoth’, Archie is a lovely horse with an even lovelier moustache!


DD is the beauty of the stables, a very glamorous horse.

Cappi / Cappuccino

Cappi is an Appoulsa. He’s forward going but takes really good care of you. He especially loves hacking in the summer.